Experienced Medical Transcriptionists

[ismember]► AssistMed, Inc. ◄[/ismember] We are dedicated to the use of information technology to create elegant solutions that improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of medical practice. The company’s products and services facilitate provider adoption while improving quality, streamlining workflow, and reducing costs.

MT Hiring Qualifications – Applicants must possess the following skills:

1. An exceptional work-at-home discipline with a commitment to work an 8-hour shift.
2. High-speed Internet connection and excellent computer skills.
3. Excellent knowledge and use of English grammar and punctuation.
4. Excellent knowledge and use of medical terminology and pharmacology.
5. Knowledge and understanding of medicolegal implications related to medical transcription guidelines and standards
6. Excellent auditory function for transcribing ESL (English-as-second-language) and difficult dictators.
7. Excellent medical transcription knowledge and auditory skills for interpreting, evaluating, and transcribing distorted or inaccurate dictation without altering the intended connotation.
8. Ability to self-educate through use of work-related reference materials.
9. Ability and commitment to transcribe an average of 6,000 lines per week while maintaining an accuracy rating of 98% or above and meeting client turnaround time deadlines.

If your values agree with ours, consider the opportunities that await. Partnering with us positions you for success in the healthcare IT industry.

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