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We rely on our employees to provide superior customer service and to fuel our growth. We are always seeking professional medical transcriptionists, quality assurance specialists, information systems personnel, and other corporate professionals. Contact us and find out more about these exciting opportunities.


* Transcribe medical dictation utilizing proprietary software and compatible footpedal.
* Transcription to include acute care, clinic, radiology and/or pathology.
* Must maintain employer’s performance expectations, including attendance.
* Recognizes, interprets, and evaluates inconsistencies, discrepancies, and inaccuracies in medical dictation, and appropriately documents.
* Flags reports requiring the attention QA staff.
* Uses reference materials appropriately and efficiently to facilitate the accuracy, clarity, and completeness of reports.
* Meets quality and productivity standards and deadlines established by employer.
* Verifies patient information for accuracy and completeness.
* Formats reports according to established guidelines.
* Demonstrates an understanding of the medicolegal implications and responsibilities related to the transcription of patient records.
* Understands and complies with policies and procedures related medicolegal matters, including confidentiality, release of information, medical records as legal evidence, etc.


* CMT preferred.
* Some weekend work is required.
* Knowledge of medical terminology, AAMT guidelines and procedures.
* Successful completion of Medical Transcription program or equivalent plus 3 years work experience.
* Ability to access appropriate reference materials.
* Excellent listening skills and ability to understand diverse accents and dialects and varying dictation styles.
* Ability to use excellent English grammar and spelling.
* Ability to speak, read and write the English language fluently.
* Computer skills, including MS Word and Windows required.

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