Home Based Typist/Transcription Openings

We are committed to providing high quality, professional, and confidential service. We offer a variety of services such as Document Coding, Transcription and Research. Our independent contractors adhere closely to the requirements of our clients and we offer the highest quality in terms of turn around time, formatting and special instructions.

If you are interested in any of the positions, please submit your resume in the body of an email to the email listed on our website with each position and note in the subject line which position you are applying for. Please no phone calls regarding this position. Phone calls are NOT accepted. It can take up to 1 month to review your application and qualifications. Please do not email asking if we have reviewed your information.

All “experienced” positions require that you have or be willing to obtain a digital foot pedal. Using a pedal enables you to work up to four times as fast as a typist without a pedal. This allows you to be offered more work.

Entry level may start without a pedal but will be expected to obtain one within 30 days if the position works out.

Legal positions will require a complete background check and finger printing as we do federal court hearings. Legal pays .50/page for standard 7 days to .75/page for Rush.

Corporate ranges from a low of .40/1,000 bytes to a high of .80/1,000 bytes depending on the client you are working with and your level of speed and accuracy.

We do NOT do Medical Transcription.

Pay per 1,000 bytes is determined by how many bytes transcribed and is NOT dependent on how long it takes you to do the work.

We do not offer computer support for installing and/or running programs.

You will need to have the following in order to do this work:

1. High Speed Internet Access.
2. Computer Running Windows XP or Windows Vista.
3. FTP File Transfer Program like AceFTP. Many free programs available on line.
4. Express Scribe program for audio. Free

5. For the Record program for legal audio. Free

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6. Real Player for background with ES. Free

7. Messenger program like Yahoo Messenger. Free

8. Microsoft Word, not a compatible, for all work OTHER than legal. You may not use a compatible program and save as a Word doc. It does not work with our database.
9. Good quality headset. Listening to audio through speakers is not acceptable.
10. Word Perfect and/or MS Word for Legal Work. NO compatibles. You may not use a program other than Word perfect and save as a WP doc. or other than Word and save as a Word doc It will not work with our database.
11. Word 2007 must be saved as Word 2003 doc as our database does not accept docx files.
12. Digital pedal capable of working with The Record Player for video payback video if you want to be able to work with video programs.

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