Answer Incoming Calls, Emails & Live Chat From Home, Work With Name Brand Clients

We currently have several opportunities available and would like you to consider becoming one of our home-based “Brand Ambassadors”.

Job description:

What is a Brand Ambassador?
The term “Brand Ambassador” reflects the laser-like focus we place on each client’s brand reputation. Brand Ambassadors, Independent Agents, provide customer service and are truly “Ambassadors” for the product or service lines they serve. Our employees represent premium brands while working with first-rate professionals.

Why work with us?
Our company provides virtual contact center solutions for national brand leaders, providing premium customer experiences within the retail, financial services and travel industries. We affiliate with a large network of nationwide Independent Agents who provide expert call-taking services from the comfort of their own home offices.

What will you be doing?
You will be handling incoming telephone calls, emails and chat from the best customers of our high-profile, brand-conscious clients. You will be answering customer inquires, assisting them shopping and selling reputable, top-quality products and services. There is never any cold calling.

You qualify if you…
* enjoy talking on the phone, and people say you are outgoing and friendly

* deliver an exceptional customer service experience as a way of living

* have ambition—the ability to make more income makes you thrive!

* use the Internet to conduct searches and chat with friends daily; in fact, you excel at it!

* believe in working green—working from your own home office reduces your carbon footprint and helps the environment

* understand working from your own home office requires a time commitment on weekends, but you do not mind as you are balancing family, friends and work in harmony!

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