We Are Always Seeking Experienced Medical Transcriptionists, Work From Home

We recognize that our team of transcription and editing professionals is our most valuable resource. Our team allows us to offer the best transcription quality and service to our customers. We strive to maintain the “small family atmosphere” and are goal-oriented, considering our employees’ long-term satisfaction our primary focus.



Multi-specialty medical transcriptionist who understands, interprets and transcribes dictation by physicians and other allied health care professionals in order to accurately document patient care and facilitate delivery of health care services.


1. Minimum three years experience in a multi-specialty clinic or acute care setting with comprehensive knowledge of medical terminology. Experience transcribing the basic work types: H&Ps, discharge summaries, operative reports, consultations and progress notes. Radiology and pathology preferred, but not required upon hire.
2. Ability and willingness to learn new accounts and new specialties.
3. Demonstrates flexibility and adaptability.
4. Excellent written and oral communication skills, including fluency with English language use, grammar and punctuation.
5. Proficiency with Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer, E-mail, electronic medical dictionary and electronic medical spellcheck software.
6. Proficiency with all aspects of Windows based-personal computer, including any necessary general office equipment necessary for efficient at-home transcription position, (i.e. fax, printer, etc.) as specified.
7. Complete understanding of transcription style as outlined in the AAMT Book of Style.
8. Ability to comprehend diverse dictator accents and dialects and varying dictation styles.
9. Ability to key a minimum of 150 lines per hour.
10. Ability to work at home independently with minimal supervision.
11. Ability to follow written and oral instruction with minimal supervision.
12. Ability to work under pressure with time deadlines.
13. Excellent eye, hand, and auditory skills and coordination.


At-home office must be a designated work area and kept separate from normal household functions. Employee must be stationed in a non-distractive work environment to allow for complete solitude and concentration to ensure accuracy of transcribed reports. A high-speed internet connection is required (either DSL or cable).


Ability to work sedentary for up to four hours at a time, with continuous use of earphones, keyboard, foot control and video display terminal.

If you are an experienced medical transcriptionist dedicated to providing consistent, accurate and timely reports, and you are interested in enhancing and enjoying your career, please contact us regarding employment opportunities.

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