Seeking Talented Sales People For Lead Generation, Telecommuting Position

All of our consultants meet or exceed our high standards; we hand-pick the very best from each industry and only those with extensive business experience are invited to join us.

This ensures that our consultants can converse intelligently and easily with even the highest level prospects – CFOs, CIOs and CEOs.

How are we able to do this? Since most of our consultants are remote, we can draw from a national pool of candidates – regardless of where they are located. The result: you get the best.

Using an extensive screening process, we are able to create an elite team for our clients. These are just some of our requirements:

* The ability to set appointments with prospects of any level
* An extensive sales and marketing background
* A complete understanding of business-related software
* Must be a high achiever and self-motivated
* Must pass our personality and proficiency tests

Our consultants set their own hours, generally do not travel, and are dedicated to meeting the needs of our clients.

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