Seeking Home Based Sales Partners

Currently we offer several Partnership Opportunities including sales / distribution programs and solution development programs.

Referral Partners are responsible for introducing our company to qualified prospects. All contracting, representation of services, and post-sales support will be handled by us. Once a sale is closed, the referral partner will receive a percentage of the contract revenue.

• Basic knowledge of our services & solutions
• Lead generation and registration

Premium Partners act as independent representatives and are responsible for marketing and presenting our Solutions to potential prospects. Proposals and contract negotiations, as well as subsequent customer training/support and system implementation shall be shared between the Premium Partner and our personnel. Once a sale is closed, the Premium Partner will receive a percentage of the contract value over the length of the contract period.

• Strong understanding of our services and solution
• Provide annual business/marketing/sales plans and monthly forecasts Attain quarterly goals
• Maintain up-to-date sale and marketing materials
• Certify a minimum of one person to sell our services
• Provide content for customer success stories

We provide you with sales tools, such as starter collateral kits, lead registration, proposal assistance, and demonstration presentations.

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