Our Top Reps Make $85 Per Hour, Now Hiring B2B and B2C Telemarketers, Hot Leads, Work From Home

Who else wants to earn $35 per hour and make $50K this year working six hours a day on the phone wearing fuzzy pink slippers and a leopard print smoking jacket?

We are currently seeking individuals to conduct Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer Telemarketing, such as research, appointment setting and lead development.

You work as a contractor from your home or office. You can wear anything you want. I wear a tie but I know of at least one of marketer who calls businesses in her underwear. She says it makes her feel less defensive and keeps her giggling to herself all day.

We offer a software system – a remote VOIP call center, which you dial into right from your home, CRM, lists, scripts and pay for long distance.

We pay $25 per lead. Most marketers make $25 per hour. Our lowest performer is at $15 per hour. Top is $85 per hour.

About Us:
We are a Multi-Channel Marketing company. Multi-Channel means we market in multiple channels like Direct Mail, Telemarketing, Search Engine Optimization, E-Mail drip marketing, press releases, PR, Fax Blasts and Voice Broadcast. Not everyone responds to the same medium and different channels are appropriate for industries. We work in both Business to Business and Business to Consumer Industries like Financial Services, Life and Health Insurance, Payroll, Resort booking, and too many more to name. We’re a registered California company and a member of the Better Business Bureau with a perfect record.

Why Work with Us? What makes us different than other companies?

We are the only company that does tremendous market and competitive RESEARCH and analysis before data mining, writing scripts or building campaigns. This means you only talk with qualified people who have a legitimate need for our services and you are communicating the RIGHT message to them. This makes the Telemarketing 100 times easier.

We drive business to our Telemarketers. We’ll provide you with highly targeted lists.

We offer you a very advanced VOIP (Voice Over IP) Workstation and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools. You log into our Workstation over the Internet right form your home. It’s a predictive dialer that dials all the calls which means you talk to twice as many people with half the work, allowing you to make twice as much money in half the time! It leaves voice mail messages for you, records your calls, is inbound and outbound capable, schedules all callbacks for you and is FTC compliant. It also contains all your scripts and facts sheets and keeps track of your calls, reports on your productivity and how much money you’ve earned.

Make More Money: We pay between $20-$30 per lead. A good marketer does about 2 leads an hour ($40-$60 per hour). Current staff average is about 1.25 leads per hour ($37.50 per hour) and a poor marketer about .5 leads per hour ($12.50 per hour). If you’re below .5 per hour you probably don’t have the experience we need and this is not for you.

Job Requirements:
High Speed / Broadband Internet connection Windows XP Pentium 3 or Higher Static IP address (recommended) Analog phone

Our marketers are paid biweekly by direct deposit or check. You receive full payment and are responsible for your own taxes, which allows you to write off all your expenses.

Hours of calling vary, depending on campaign types. B2B is generally 8:00 am to 5:00 pm M-Th and B2C is generally M-Th 3:30-9:00 + Sat 9:00 – 1:00 pm PST.

To get paid you need to submit three things. A weekly lead report, copy of the lead at time of generation and a recorded copy of the lead transaction (all this is automated, you won’t have to do any additional work).

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