Registered Nurses For Home Based Tele-Health Consulting, Paid Training

Our home based Nurse Consultants (NCs) practice computer assisted expert nursing through inbound and outbound telephone interactions with patients whose physicians, hospitals, insurers, employers, or other sponsors/providers are our clients.

Nurse Consultants are registered nurses who provide individualized direct patient care in accordance with policies, procedures, and established standards of nursing care and practice.

There are two major clinical work types, which include telephonic triage and disease management.

We provide each of our nurse consultants with the opportunity to work in each (or even both) of these clinical categories.

Nurse Consultants must first train in our office location before they have the ability to work at home. Training occurs in South Portland, Maine. Based on the positions that we are hiring for at any given time, the training typically lasts up to 3 weeks and must be completed before having the ability to work at home.

The training locations for any given hiring group will be specified in the job description when appropriate. Yes, all training is paid at the rate a new employee is hired at. Other training questions will be answered in the interview process.

We are able to hire from many states as long as candidates are able to accommodate the three week training in Maine and other technical requirements. (We are unable to hire from a few specific states, but continue to add to the list frequently.)

We require that all candidates submit a resume. This allows the hiring team to review work experience (and other requirements for the position). Please submit your resume via the information below and on our website.

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