Seeking Skip Tracers & Judgement Recovery Specialists, Work @ Home

We currently hire independent contractors to perform various tasks for us across the country. We specialize in court research, but our interests don’t stop there. We are expanding into other areas to bring as much work as possible to all, allowing for as much opportunity as possible.

While many positions require some sort of experience, we offer training to motivated individuals that are willing to dedicate themselves to our cause.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a judgment recovery specialist. The following is a few items to know about working as a judgment recovery specialist.

# Requirements: Must have verifiable experience as a judgment recovery specialist
# Ability to work as a independent contractor
# Home office
# Internet access
# Access to proper databases to perform skip tracing
# Ability to check e-mail daily, and be able to e-mails within 24 hours
# Be able to work more than one account
# At this time, we are unable to train those who are not experienced in judgment recovery. If you do not have experience, please do NOT apply.
# Any application that does not reflect experience will be deleted with no further consideration. Any applicant falsifying their application in order to be hired will not be hired and will not receive consideration for any position with our company.

Why work for us?
# We pay all costs for filing, ect
# Cases are given to you to work
# 20% commission on worked cases
# We will incur all costs associated with working each case, with the exception of long distance charges
# You can work from home
# Flexible schedule
# Direct deposit option
# Paid on the 10th and 25th of each month
# Bonuses based on performance

Get more info and apply for this job:

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