Court Research Specialists, Work Independently From Home

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Court Research Specialist. As a dynamically growing company, we seek goal-setters like you who have an entrepreneur spirit and are looking for a chance to work as an independent contractor with the freedom of flexible schedules.

This position isn’t for everyone, but if you work well independently without supervision, are dependable, dedicated, reliable, detail oriented, and take great pride in the work you do, then becoming an independent contractor is ideal for you.

The opportunity consists of researching public documents at local county facilities, typically near the circuit courts and collecting minimal information regarding recorded mortgages, marriage records, foreclosures, tax liens, judgments, probates, etc. Our researchers review these recorded documents and based on our defined selection criteria, gather specific information from qualifying documents.

No previous experience is required – training is provided to you free of charge. Occasionally researchers are required to make copies and fax pages of court documents – if you are, we’ll reimburse you for those expenses.

Our researchers are compensated per valid collected record, the rate per each varies depending on the locality and mannerisms in collecting. Since pay is based on per record collected, the average hourly pay rate is derived from a combination of one’s typing speed, collection method, and the manner in which the records are accessed at the county facility.

The availability of part-time vs. full-time work depends solely on the volume of information available in an assigned county which varies from county to county, driven somewhat by its overall population. Many of our researchers take assignment of multiple counties to reach their desired income.


* Desktop Computer and/or Laptop (Notebook) Computer (Laptop preferred, but not required).
* Computer Literate – know your way around.
* Have MS Office Word and Excel (or 3rd party compatible software – see note at the bottom of this page), and be familiar with editing both word and spreadsheet type documents.
* Have reliable Internet Access and Email Account – familiar with sending and receiving attachments via email.
* Available to work during courthouse hours of operation (typically Mon-Fri, 8:30am-4:30pm) – flexible days and time during these hours.
* Able to work independent without supervision, organized and goal oriented to meet deadlines.
* Have reliable mode of transportation and child care services (if applicable).
* Able to follow detailed instructions, have an “eye for detail”, solid proofing skills and a will of determination.
* Willing to accept assignment in neighboring counties as well as your home county (preferred, but not required).

Whether you have related work experience, or wish to venture into this new career field, becoming a Court Research Specialist is a great opportunity. We’ll provide you the materials and training to get you off to a smooth start; everything you need for success. Are you ready to make the commitment?

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