Love to Talk? Work From Home as a Customer Service Rep

If you’re looking for a legitimate work from home customer service job you are in the right place at the right time. As more and more companies save money by reducing office space and allowing their employees to telework, there’s an increased need for virtual customer assistance. Jet Blue Airways, 1-800-flowers, Eddie Bauer and Bluefly are just a few out of hundreds of major retailers already outsourcing consumer calls to work from home customer service reps spread out across the country. Reps can be full time employees, part time employees, or independent contractors, and can handle all sorts of support related and administrative tasks from home.

Enormous call centers with fluorescent lighting and rows and rows of cubicles are becoming a thing of the past as work from home customer service jobs increase in popularity. Everything from dealing with transactions to resolving complaints to tracking orders can be handled by home based reps located all over the country. Thanks to high speed Internet and other technologies it makes no difference where reps are located… As long as you can connect to the Internet, inbound customer service calls can be routed to your home computer using advanced call routing and VOIP technology.

Becoming a home based customer service rep can be an excellent career move if you enjoy talking to people and you’re looking for a straight forward, low stress gig that can be done from home. It’s the perfect entry level telecommuting job for students, stay at home parents, retirees looking to rejoin the workforce and anyone looking to earn a full or part time income from home. Many individuals are attracted to home based customer service jobs because of the scheduling perks – since customers live in so many different time zones there are shifts available at all times of the day and night. This helps workers accommodate family, school, other jobs, and hobbies. Shifts for work from home customer service jobs are generally shorter than traditional call center jobs as well – usually no more than 6 hours.

To get hired as a work  from home customer service rep you’ll need Internet access, a headset, and usually at least 6 months to 1 year prior customer service experience, although most companies also provide training. Typical home based customer service jobs pay anywhere from $8 to $15 per hour and if there is any selling or upgrading involved you’ll also earn bonuses and incentives. By working from home you’ll also save money on transportation costs to and from work and you’ll avoid spending money on expensive lunches everyday. If you would normally spend $8 a day on lunch and $7 a day getting to and from work that’s $75 a week , or $300 per month, or $3,600 per year you’ll be saving by telecommuting.

Join PajamaJobs for instant access to our jobs database including dozens of currently available customer service jobs. Every company and job listing we post has been verified as being 100% legitimate before being posted, so you can be sure there are no scams and no misleading ads. Some of the larger companies we connect you with have so many virtual employees taking inbound calls from home (thousands of home-based CS reps) they end up hiring 365 days a year just to maintain such a large workforce. Start browsing the customer service jobs category and before long you’ll be commuting from your kitchen to your home office, a cup of coffee in hand, slippers on your feet, and the sun shining through your windows.