Have an Eye for Detail? Work From Home as a Medical Coder

Medical coding job opportunities are not limited to traditional settings such as hospitals and clinics. The United States Department of Labor states that medical coding is one of the fastest-growing professions today, and ranks in the top 5 positions for work at home careers. Government regulations have increased the amount of paperwork involved with insurance claims, and as a result, more and more companies are looking for home based specialists to translate information into numerical codes.

Medical coders use numeric codes to identify specific outpatient and inpatient medical services so that private and public insurance companies can be billed.

Here are examples of common medical codes:

90805 = outpatient psychotherapy
38221 = bone marrow biopsy, or needle
38211 = tumor cell depletion
99261 – 99263 = follow-up inpatient consultation
99054 = services requested on holidays or Sundays

The job entails reading medical documentation, such as patient charts, then, using coding knowledge, as well as by checking classification manuals, the medical coder assigns the proper code and enters the data into a computer system. In addition to identifying the procedure or service performed, the assigned codes help determine how much the healthcare provider will be reimbursed by Medicare, Medicaid and private and public insurance companies. It’s critical that the proper codes are entered, as mistakes can delay payment. Furthermore, the codes must adhere to insurance requirements and federal regulations. You’ll be great at this job if you have a sharp eye for detail and take pride in staying organized.

To become a medical coder you’ll need to know general medical terminology, as well as the general coding practices, all of which you can learn via online classes, or at any community college. With a little studying you can be on your way to a secure at-home career. One that pays well too… Entry level medical coders earn $39,000 to $46,000 annually. And if you have a Masters degree you’ll earn $58,000 or more as a medical coder.

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