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[ismember]► ClickNwork, Inc. ◄ [/ismember]Working remotely is already commonplace – our goal is to make working from home mainstream. We started in 2000 and now manage hundreds of people around the world who deliver high quality services to top corporations, hedge funds and professional service companies.

We bring together the talent of people from around the world to provide business services (research, analysis, writing, data entry, interviews etc) to companies. Our difference is that we build our teams from people that want to work from home – typically highly talented and experienced individuals who for one reason or another prefer to (or have to) work from home rather than in an office.

Companies that have tried ‘homesourcing’ realize it can be as cost effective as offshoring, but also brings quality gains and much more flexible staffing options. Working from home is also better for families and communities.

Our work is varied and we work with people from a wide range backgrounds and skills. Although requirements fluctuate, we usually always need:

* Analysts/consultants – people with specific analyst/consulting skills that wish to work from home.
* Information professionals/specialists – business researchers with strong track records and proficiency at a range of information sources (Factiva, Lexis Nexis, Profound etc).
* Writers/Editors – writers with experience at high quality business writing.
* Web Searchers – individuals proficient at quickly finding information on the web to answer business questions.
* Data entry specialists – individuals skilled at rapid and accurate data entry.
* Shoppers, Trend spotters, Social observers – people keen to shop for certain products and adept at seeing trends, drawing parallels and generating valuable commercial insight.
* Telephone interviewers – people skilled at interviewing senior business people, discussing business issues and surfacing opinion on often sensitive business questions.
* Photographers – people able to take photos of buildings, inside stores and of products on shelves.
* Translators – people qualified to translate between popular business languages

As with all our work, these opportunities are home-based. We pay at a rate commensurate with the complexity of assignment, between $40 and $150 (€30 to €120) per hour, although we are willing to discuss alternative pay structures (e.g. fixed fee or commission-share).

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