Transcribe Voice Mail Messages, Memos, Letters, Documents From Home

Who we are: We transcribe voicemail messages, memos, letters and other documents. The voicemail message files average 1-2 minutes in length, while the other recordings are typically longer. You can select your own hours that you want to work. You can work as few, or as many hours as you want.

During the (US) nights there are fewer files to transcribe, but they still must be transcribed in a timely fashion. If possible, please stay logged in whenever you are at your computer and available to type – even if for just a few minutes at a time- day or night. We are busier during the day. We are open for business 24 hours/ day; 7 days/ week.

Our goal is for the customers to get their transcribed voicemail messages (and other files) almost immediately after we receive the voice file, so that’s why we need you to stay logged in as much as possible. In some cases there are deadlines.

If you have another job, or are already a typist, this would be great “filler” work. You can keep our software open in the background, and when there is a job to be typed, it will just start playing on your speakers. Just type the message, proof your work and click submit.

What we require:

1. Accurate spelling and punctuation.
2. Typists that know how to follow instructions.
3. Typists that can listen to voice files and accurately type what they hear.
4. Speed. You don’t have to be the fastest typist, but you can’t be too slow either.
5. Honesty, integrity and reliability.

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