Possible Upcoming Openings For Self Sufficient Data Entry Contractors

There are currently no openings for data entry operators. However, you may choose to register your information with us on the remote chance we may need a few people in the future.

Data Entry Contractor Position Requirements:

As an independent contractor, it is expected you will NOT require any instruction regarding the basic use of your computer. As a MINIMUM, you must know how to do the following:

* Use Windows Explorer, including: create new folders; copy, move, rename and delete files and folders; and minimize, maximize and restore a window
* Install and run new software on your computer
* Remove software from your computer
* Send and receive e-mail, including attachments
* Use the Internet

In addition to the above, you must be able to accurately and efficiently use the computer to enter data into programs developed for specific projects. You will be judged not only on accuracy, but also on how well you follow instructions.

You must have your own computer equipment. The MINIMUM configuration is:

* Pentium 4 or higher
* Windows XP or higher
* 15 inch monitor
* mouse and keyboard

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