Entry Level & Experienced Data Entry Work Available

[ismember]► Clark Fork Communications ◄[/ismember] Our data entry services encompass a gamut of clients from law firms, litigation support vendors to government agencies and corporate counsel who find themselves in need of a vendor who can provide accurate, precise and consistent document coding at a competitive price.

The following positions are being contracted for at this time:

1. Entry Level Transcriber – Audio (Must have and use a headset)

2. Experienced Corporate Transcriber (Must be proficient in MS Word)

3. Experienced Legal Transcriber (Proficient in MS Word or Word Perfect)

The work entails listening to audio and video recordings and transcribing the data.

All independent contractors applying for a transcription position must:

***Have and use a good quality headset

***Have and be proficient with MS Word Have high speed Internet access Have a land line telephone

***We have two types of legal contracts. One client uses Word Perfect and the other requires the use of MS Word.

***All legal transcribers must be willing to pass a complete background check and be fingerprinted.

***All EXPERIENCED positions require that you have or be willing to acquire a pedal. ENTRY LEVEL may start out without a pedal, but will be expected to obtain one within 30 days if the position works out. (Using a pedal enables you to work up to four times as fast as a typist without a pedal. This allows you to accept and complete more work and likewise earn more money.)

For corporate and financial, we pay between .40 and .75/audio min or /1,000 bytes depending on the client, the quality of your work and your turnaround time. Please understand, pay is determined by audio minute, /1000 bytes or number of pages depending on the client. It has NOTHING to do with how long it takes you to complete an assignment. As an example: A 30 minute audio at .40/audio minute will pay you $12.00 regardless of whether you completed it in one hour or two.

Legal transcription pays per page. The rate varies by client, type of job and turnaround time. Generally, turnaround time is 3-5 days for legal files.

Corporate work includes hearings, earnings conference calls and general transcription. These are all audio files. However, we do have a department that does video transcription.

We take whatever work that comes in. We try to work Monday through Friday during normal business hours and do our best to avoid evenings and weekends. We get both good audio and poor, clearly spoken and accented and work with what we get to the best of our ability.

If your application is accepted, you would need to pass a preliminary test for which there is no cost. It is about five minutes long. If you pass that, you will be sent an IC agreement and a W-9 tax form to fill out.

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