Hiring Home Based Customer Service, Insurance & Sales Reps

We are a contact center for some of the nation’s leading corporations. We strive to provide an unmatched quality of customer care and business management to our clients with virtual technology. Our clients are pleased with our highly qualified, motivated, and well trained staff. Employees are able to work and train from the comfort of their own homes!

Thank you for your interest in our company! We currently employ people all across the United States. We hire in the states and geographic locations based upon our clients needs at any given time. If we are currently not hiring in your specific area, we will keep your detailed information on file, and contact you via email when we have something available in your area. Please visit our web site listed below periodically for any further company information or employment opportunities.

To be considered for employment, you must meet the following requirements:

* Must have a professional environment at your home. (This includes a dedicated work space with a door)
* Must have a fully updated computer system to utilize during working hours.
* High speed Internet via Cable modem or DSL (at this time satellite internet service is not compatible).
* Must have a dedicated voice line. You may use VoIP services as long as you have QoS packet shapers as part of your service. Cordless phones and cell phones are not acceptable.

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