Handle Inbound Calls, Outbound Calls & Data Entry

We are an established, full service contact center. We do several types of projects, including outbound calls, inbound calls, and data entry. We have some projects that we handle in house and some that we bid out to others on a temporary basis. All of our current projects are available for bidding to private businesses and individuals (Independent Contractors).

We will accept bids from any Independent Contractor, or any party holding a Business License. (Please see Bidding requirements on our website below)

All current projects are paid at a per-talk-minute rate. You will be asked in your bid what rate you require for the project. You will submit an invoice to us bi-weekly for your work completed on that project and a check will be mailed to you the following week.

Some projects are bilingual.

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90 North Main Street
Bountiful, UT 84010
Apply Here: http://www.ecallogy.com/careers.html[/private_member][/private_trial]