Work From Home Scoring The SAT Essay, Competitive Pay, Flexible Hours

Scoring the SAT essay is a unique professional development opportunity for educators. Readers work from their homes or offices with a user-friendly online scoring system to allow accurate and effective essay scoring. We provide comprehensive training, competitive pay, and flexible hours.

Readers must meet the following qualifications:

* Hold a bachelor’s degree or higher
* Teach or have taught a high school or college-level course that requires writing
* Have taught for at least a three-year period
* Reside in the continental United States, Alaska, or Hawaii
* Be a U.S. citizen, resident alien, or authorized to work in the U.S.
* Have not worked for a test preparation company that offers SAT test preparation in the past 12 months. (This does not include working for Pearson Educational Measurement or The College Board)
* Have not received pay from students or individuals to assist with SAT test preparation within the past 12 months. (This does not include receiving pay from your school as part of your job responsibilities)

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