Home Based Auditor Positions, Workers Comp Audits, Web Cast Training

[ismember]► VT Audit ◄ [/ismember]If you have experience in processing payroll, or you have worked with bills of lading in shipping and receiving, you can join our team of home based auditors creating workers compensation and / or general liability audits for Property & Casualty Insurance clients nationwide. You will be trained in-house or via web cast.

To be considered for employment, you must meet the following requirements:

* Must have a professional environment at your home.
* High speed internet via Cable or DSL (at this stage satellite internet service is not compatible)
* Ability to be online and on a phone call simultaneously via a landline (cell phones and cordless phones do NOT meet our minimum requirements)
* Ability to call a Kansas City, MO telephone number without incurring a monthly bill that is unmanageable for you to cover (we recommend an unlimited long distance calling plan) and / or If you have a phone plan such as Vonage or other service providers that has a QoS packet shaping routers / modems as part of their standard service which allows you to have a Kansas City, MO (816) area code phone number with 2-way dialing.
* Special consideration for people located in the following areas:
o Kentucky
o Michigan
o Illinois
o Nevada
o Ohio
o Massachusetts
o Wisconsin
o Colorado

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